ROOM is the Art at the Centre mobile space. It is a multi-functional creative space which is travelling to all the major regeneration areas in Swale. Designed by architect Simon Barker, Room is a uniquely converted shipping container, which allows artists to directly engage with different environments in Swale and the communities that live there.

So far it has traveled to; Rushenden, Sheerness, Milton Creek, Lower Halstow, Leysdown on Sea, Queenborough, and Sittingbourne.

To see the whole journey go to


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The Home that Sheppey Built – Matt Rowe

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 Artwork archive;

In january 2011 ROOM was in Sheerness for a month and has been the base of a series of photographic workshops run by artists Matt Rowe. The products of which are viewable on the blog (link above). Participants and other visitors can add more images and comment on the existing images. There are more images to be added, the non-digital photographs are still being processed and will be added in due course. The shops and businesses that where involved in the Sheerness Shop Portrait project can download the images and use to promote their businesses.

‘The Home that Sheppey Built ‘ Blog is an artwork and an archive, which celebrates the diversity and vibrancy that Sheerness has to offer.

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Space Invaders

Art at the Centre has commissioned a series of temporary workspaces for artists in unusual settings across Swale. These are taking place in three locations and involve a range of partner organisations: Castle Connections in Queenborough, Blue Town Heritage Centre, and TS Hazard, a Sea Cadet Training ship, in Faversham.
This set of commissions will form a case study so that it is not only a set of innovative artwork commissions, but also a pilot model for the future provision of art spaces across Swale. Everyone is invited to come and experience the final artworks on the weekend of 16th-18th March 2012.
The Space Invaders project is funded by Arts Council and Kent County Council.
Host: Blue Town Heritage Centre; Resident Artist: Lucy Steggals
Artist’s website:
During early spring, artist Lucy Steggals will be ‘mining’ the colour blue during her residence at the Blue Town Heritage Centre.
Lucy is interested in the way over the years the people who live, work and pass through Blue Town do things. There is a strong a culture of co-production, co-creation, barter, exchange and resourcefulness. Everything in the Heritage Centre has been donated, for example. For two months, with the help of local people, she is planning to create an alternative archive by photographing and logging the blue in the town (collecting images of the sky, blue objects in people’s houses, blue artefacts, water, blue signs, doors, clothes, cars and flowers). She will create a film about the colour blue to be screened at the Heritage Centre.
Her base will be in the first floor room at the Heritage Centre and it will be a space to talk, collect, create and exchange knowledge, stories and stuff. The project can be followed via an online blog at
Host: Queenbrough Castle Connections ; Resident Artists: Juneau Projects
Artist’s website:         
Juneau Projects is artists Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler. Their work involves the use of painting, sculpture, music and animation, often in site specific ways and engages with people and folk histories. They have exhibited nationally and internationally with institutions such as Tate Britain, London; and British Art Show 6.
Juneau Projects are planning to discover the creative interests of local people in Queenborough and want to work with them to showcase their talents. They want to design an exhibition framework that will display painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture, model making and many other items created by people from the area, and celebrating the talents of Queenborough. They will be using the art room at Castle Connections as their project headquarters during their residency.
Host: TS Hazard Faversham; Artists: Luce Choules
Artist’s website:
Luce Choules explores physical and emotional geography. She records journeys on the land and water – such as the marks of a pathway and the wash of the shoreline, or the movement of people on the land and sea. She is an experienced explorer/artist and recently returned to the UK from a three-year stint in Spain and the French Alps.
‘How the Wind Blows’ is a collaborative project between the artist and the Sea Cadets at TS Hazard. During the residency, she will be walking the Saxon Shore Way between Teynham and Whitstable, looking for sites to photograph winds that blow along the creek and estuary around Faversham. The Sea Cadets will contribute to parts of this work by suggesting sites and areas for Luce to investigate. An image-lab will be constructed inside the training ship with the Cadets, which will form a giant map of the area. The residency includes a study trip to the National Maritime Museum and National Portrait Gallery in London, and creative workshops focusing on stories about the Cadet’s kit.
Host: Swale House Artist: Jeanine Woollard
Artist’s website:
Jeanine Woollard is a photographic and installation artist who studied at Goldsmith College and has shown both nationally and internationally.
Curator Melanie Moreau added: “Her most recent works focus on creating timeless images that have a historical character when, in fact, they use very contemporary means: the use of junk or everyday materials and a woman’s point of view.”
The artist has proposed to use office materials and junk to make a series of modern-day portraits, which echo the classic images of political hierarchies.
Artist: Simona Paintieri
Artist Website:
Simona has a BA Hons and a Master Degree in Creative practice for Narrative Environments from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London, UK). Her clients include: The British Museum, The Science Museum, BBC Big Screen, Urbis, Corner House, Museum in Docklands, The Tower of London, V&A, The Barbican Centre, Tower Bridge Museum, and The Museum of London.
Simona plans to make a short film about rural life on Sheppey, reflecting both the architecture and culture, capturing the beauty of the Island in a large projection work. She will be working with a group of young people from Sheppey Academy, teaching them professional filming and editing skills while in the process of making the work.
For more information contact
Blue town Heritage Centre
69 High Street, Blue Town, Kent, ME12 1RW
Castle Connections
Railway Terrace, Well Rd, Queenborough, Isle Of Sheppey, Kent.
Training Ship Hazard
Faversham Sea Cadets, 2a Lower Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 7NB

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Where is Milton Creek? – Erin Newell

Website artwork by Erin Newell

Art at the Centre, Swale Borough Council has commissioned artist Erin Newell to create a new media artwork about Milton Creek.  It’s a web-based project that uses video and sound to create an interactive experience – a non-linear narrative – of local history, interwoven with the artist’s own experience of working in the area over the course of the project. 

The artwork mixes various perspectives from: local residents, surrounding industry (including DS Smith Paper and Smead Dean Bricks) and other commissioned artworks (such as those by Peter Liversidge and Heather and Ivan Morrision) to offer a glimpse into the newly regenerated area of Milton Creek. The website will also link to the new Friends of Milton Creek blog and will go ‘live’ on Saturday 01 October 2011.

Like Newell’s previous work, will explore the nature and nuances of memory interconnected with history and place.  Hearing childhood memories from local resident Julie Bradshaw over a cup of tea, or getting a first-hand glimpse inside the fascinating PM6 machine of DS Smith Paper, the website will unfold some of the rich history and personal experiences that have occurred around the creek. These will be mixed with a performance art aspect – another person recollects the artist’s experience of working there – adding to the archive of memory of the place.

All of these thingsreveal the Creek’s most significant transformation: from toxic wasteland to present day idyllic country park.

What hasn’t been mentioned this far is the interactive form of storytelling this website offers, an innovative method for interacting with moving image work. Within Newell’s work it’s possible for a multitude of narratives to be unlocked in any given order, making for a different experience each time. Users should be aware that there are “hidden” layers to discover on the website, making for an unexpected journey, one that might enchant you to visit Milton Creek for yourself.

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You can be whoever you want in Leysdown – Lucy Harrison

18th June – 12th July 2011
Public View –
Saturday 18th June 2-5pm
A Conversation with the artist – Wednesday 22nd June 6-7pm
Room, the Plaza, End of the Promenade, Leysdown-on-Sea, Sheppey Kent, ME12 4QB

Lucy Harrison has been working in Leysdown and meeting local traders and residents during the winter months when there are no holidaymakers. Her project is inspired by the conversations she has had with local people, and she has developed a series of silkscreened posters to be displayed in various sites in the town, including inside local businesses. The work responds to how people feel about Leysdown, a place which completely changes according to the seasons.

Lucy Harrison’s work investigates the subjective nature of the experience of place and connections between memory, location and architecture. Her work takes the form of photographs, book works, video and various forms of printed and published material. Her projects often engage with the public realm through collaboration, encounter and exchange, and involve residents of a place in the work.

She has developed projects such as Canvey Guides, (2007) part of Art U Need; An Outdoor Revolution, (a commission managed by Commissions East and led by Bob & Roberta Smith) which involved working with local residents to make an ‘alternative’ guide to the island, and included the setting up of the Rendezvous Walking Club. In 2008 she worked on a commission for Art on the Underground at Stratford station, east London, and produced a newspaper called The Stratford Grapevine, written by people who live or work inStratford and given away in the station to passers-by.

Lucy Harrison is Senior Lecturer in Fine Art (Print & Digital Media) at University for the Creative Arts,Canterbury.

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Andrew Dodds – Milton Creek Residency

Andrew Dodds – Milton Creek Residency Dec 2010 – March 2011

Andrew Dodds is a Belfast-born artist, now based inLondon. He is particularly noted for his context-specific works exploring our historical and cultural relationship with ‘nature’, the ‘voice’, and the shared potentialities of public space. He consistently engages and acknowledges others in the imagining, production and reception of his artwork, often questioning received structures and certainties within and beyond the art arena. Dodds’ work has been exhibited and commissioned widely at major public galleries, artist-run spaces and non-gallery sites. 

Recent exhibitions include Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead(2009), AzadArtGallery, Tehran(2010), Airfield Trust, Dublin(2009) and The Architecture Centre, Bristol(2009). His publications and writings are distributed internationally through book fairs, art journals including Frieze, and artists’ publisher Book Works,London.

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Agnieszka Kozlowska

Agnieszka Kozlowska Oct 2010- Jan 2011

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Art at the Centre placed pinhole artist Agnieszka in Q&R to capture the waterways and maritime history of the area. She decided to try and create a 360 degrees portrait of the area from the water, using everything from a well to a puddle, to a stream and the Swale to take images of. The resulting works produced were evocative and mysterious, and applied an unexpected feeling of romance to the everyday places of the town.

Agnieszka Kozlowska is a Kent-based artist working primarily in photography, with a practice that extends into the fields of moving image and installation work. She tend towards unconventional uses of various media, with a passion for photographic experiments in both analogue and digital realm. Kozlowska is currently showing the recent body of work titled The Walking Project in London till the 27th November as part of Non-Fiction exhibition in Our Space Gallery, she has exhibited internationally in New Zealand, Switzerland and Poland.

Kozlowska is exploring Queenborough through an underwater pinhole camera, and will be running a series of build-your-own pinhole camera workshops over winter.

For more information on her work go to;

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