Space Invaders – Project invites

Luce Choules

TS Hazard Faversham

How the Wind Blows / Tide

‘How the Wind Blows’ is a collaborative project between the artist and the Sea Cadets at TS Hazard. During the residency, Luce has been walking the Saxon Shore Way between Teynham and Whitstable, looking for sites to photograph winds that blow along the creek around Faversham. The Sea Cadets will contribute to parts of this work by suggesting sites and areas for Luce to investigate. Luce Choules’ practice explores physical and emotional geography, locating experiences of landscapes through transformative cartography. She records journeys on the land and water – the marks of pathway and the wash of shoreline; the movement of people on the land and sea. During the residency, a large-format mapping publication ‘Tide’ has been created to document a series of journeys around Faversham Creek and The Swale. /

Juneau Projects

Queenborough Castle Connections

Creative Fête Saturday 17th March 10am – 2pm

Artists Ben Sadler and Phil Duckworth from Juneau Projects have been in residence at Castle Connections community centre in Queenborough. They are organising a fête, exhibition and activity day showcasing the creative talents of local people. They have been building stalls and exhibition stands with the help of the centre’s youth groups, which will create a colourful backdrop for cakes, paintings, poetry, ceramics, music and more, all created by local people. If you live in the area and have something homeade you would like to include in the fête, please get in touch with Ben and Phil. Contributions could include craft, hobbies, art, cookery and anything else you have made yourself. These can be delivered in advance to the centre or brought along on the day. Visit them on a Monday or Tuesday at the centre or call the centre on 01795 661277, or email anytime on

Lucy Steggals

Blue Town Heritage Centre

Colour Mining Blue

Colour Mining Blue is the first in a new series of works created by artist Lucy Steggals. The purpose of colour mining is to explore with local people, through colour, their place. This process will create an alternative archive and devise ways to re-distribute the colour within the environment. You will be able to view the archive of photographs, film and audio data and see the blue that has been collected in Blue Town at the Heritage Centre until the end of March. Over the weekend of 16-18 March, you can take a tour of the neighbourhood with local expert Jenny Hurkett to explore the area’s rich history. Everyone who pops by will receive their very own unique piece of blue from Blue Town.

Jeanine Woollard

Swale House

The Island of Dr. Swale

At Swale House, Swale Borough Council’s offices Jeanine Woollard has made photographs that subvert the everyday workplace, inviting the possibility of fantasy and the exotic. The building features an abundance of seventies utilitarian design and long, austere corridors, creating an ideal setting for an unexpected dialogue with fiction. Meeting rooms have morphed into over grown jungles and stray jaguars roam the council chambers. During Jeanine’s residency the building has become a kind of stranded island, where both employees and the architecture they inhabit are seen awry.

Simona Paintieri


Here I am

Simona Piantieri’s work summons an encounter between cinema, photography and fictional narrative. The deadly immobility of photography and the imagination of the mediation of cinema detach the spectator from the image and positions the witness in a fictional world of narrative, paradoxes, duality and introspection. This film explores, through locations and recollections, life on the Isle of Sheppey for young people expressed through their memories, hopes, fears and dreams.

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