How the Wind Blows – Luce Choules

 ‘How the Wind Blows’

Luce Choules is the artist in residence at TS Hazard, working with the Sea Cadets in Faversham during February and March 2012. During this time, she will be walking the Saxon Shore Way between Teynham and Whitstable, looking for sites to photograph the winds that blow along the creek and estuary around Faversham. The Sea Cadets will contribute to parts of this work by suggesting sites and areas for Luce to investigate, and an image-lab will be constructed inside the training ship to act as a giant map of the artist’s activity. The project resonates with the activity of sailing, and a sailor’s haptic and kinetic knowledge of the wind, and will be combined with a museum and gallery visit in addition to workshops focussing on stories involving kit.

Luce Choules

Inspired by exploration, Choules’ arts practice documents experiences of journeys through a collection of written and visual details. An archival record of photographs, drawings, paintings, routes, itineraries, weather reports and kit lists are made for each cycle tour, walk, field trip, climb or expedition. New work looks at a relationship of people and place through a growing archive of photography-led narratives, large-scale mapping works and sculptural interventions.

Her research interests are photographic mapping and transformative cartography.

Luce is currently engaged in independent research at the Foyle Reading Room archive,RGS, London. This research provides an environmental context in which to inform an ambitious and over-arching research project ‘The Moving Landscape: a physical and emotional geography of place’.

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