Colour Mining Blue in Blue Town – By Lucy Steggals

The Blue Town Space Invaders commissioned artist Lucy Steggals talks about her ideas ;


‘Colour Mining Blue is the 1st in a spectrum series matching the seven
colours blue, green, red, yellow, orange, indigo and violet with seven
places – one in each of the seven continents Africa, Europe, Asia,
Australia, North America, South America, Antarctica.

Each place will be selected because it either has the colour in its
title or has a strong relationship with a spectrum colour. The purpose
of colour mining is to explore with local people, through colour,
their place. To create an alternative archive and to devise ways to
re-distribute the colour within the environment.

The process of colour mining will unfold as follows:

I will spend approximately a month in each place.
I will wear a pair of shoes in the corresponding color, every day I am there.
I will keep a blog diary of the process.
With the help of local people I will mine for data in the form of
photographs, film and audio recordings. All these acquisitions will be
logged and archived for future reference (they will be donated to a
local library, museum or heritage centre along with my shoes).
With local people I will devise ways to re-distribute the color in the area.
A short film will be created in response to the color mining journey.’

Colour Mining- Blue
Isle of Sheppey
Feb- Mar 2012

To read the blog please see

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