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Sea Cadets’ Study Trip follows the footsteps of Nelson

Luce Choules took the Seacadets on an exciting trip up to London in the Half term to see the Greenwich Martime Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. The young participants learnt about the details of Nelson’s life, whilst being surrounded by … Continue reading

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How the Wind Blows – Luce Choules  ‘How the Wind Blows’ Luce Choules is the artist in residence at TS Hazard, working with the Sea Cadets in Faversham during February and March 2012. During this time, she will be walking the Saxon Shore Way between Teynham … Continue reading

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Colour Mining Blue in Blue Town – By Lucy Steggals

The Blue Town Space Invaders commissioned artist Lucy Steggals talks about her ideas ;   ‘Colour Mining Blue is the 1st in a spectrum series matching the seven colours blue, green, red, yellow, orange, indigo and violet with seven places – one … Continue reading

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