The Shipping News Room -Germander Speedwell

At Queenborough Town Quay, South Street, from Jan 21 till Feb 5

This ROOM shipping container will be the base for a ship-spotting and boat-noting project, in which writer Germander Speedwell will be collecting daily sightings of vessel movements, recording them on charts and researching their journeys, and using this information to write a piece about the character and activity of Queenborough Harbour and Creek.

Pop in and see the displays, and better still, let us know your own sightings in the Harbour and Creek. If you use Queenborough Harbour or Creek yourself, know about local boating, yachting, shipping, marine industries or geography, your knowledge will be gratefully received by Germander, who will be on hand personally between 1-2pm on all the below dates (except for the final weekend), as well as at other times when not ship-spotting herself!

Opening times:

Jan 28 & 29 (Sat & Sun):  11.30 – 4.00

Jan 31 & Feb 1 (Tues & Wed): 11.30 – 3.00

Feb 4 & 5 (Sat & Sun): open 11.30 – 4.00 for viewing of the final chartings 

A final event will be held at Castle Connections in mid-February (details to come), at which Germander will present her completed piece and lead a walk around the Quay and Harbour.



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