Art at the Centre presents Promenade inside ROOM, an exhibition which looks at how people move through public space, as part of the weekend’s Promenade festival. Promenade Festival aims to celebrate Heritage, Architecture and Art in Sheerness with a series of events, talks and performances.

The word promenade means a leisurely walk or a public place for walking. Sheerness seafront is architecturally framed by the concrete promenade which wraps around the town.ROOM has been placed directly onto the walkway to draw in visitors as they conduct their own promenade.ROOMpresents new works by two recent graduates Jim Allchin, and Amy Curtis.

Amy’s piece will be focusing around the Sheppey light railway that used to run on the island from 1901-1950, using the route it took from Queenborough to Leysdown as a way of journeying around the island, whilst bearing in mind the connections it had with bringing holiday makers to the island as well as it being part of the islands history.

Amy said: “I am creating an authentic looking fold out map in the sort of style that would have been provided at the time of the railway, using images alongside each stop showing what exists there now merged with parts of the old stations to show that it was once a railway”.

100 limited edition copies of Amy’ Map of Sheppey light rail, were produced and handed out for free to visitors to ROOM over the festival weekend.

Amy Curtis –

Jim’s work is a film he made called ‘Running the Tide’. The film itself simply documents me running from the shore line to the edge of the tide at its lowest point

“The act of running the tide is something I have performed before against time. I have no desire to attach any greater meaning to the work than that however inexplicably strange it may seem it is purely a celebration of place and the act of running.”

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